Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit

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Still paying $200,000 [or more] to install your new watch battery?


when we can save you a $199,900 jeweler’s salary.*

For less than $100, our Watch Works Tool Kit enables you to jump start your favorite watch with a new battery. This Watch Works kit contains all the watch maker’s special tools to open most watch case backs including:

• Screw-down case backs
• Snap-on case backs
• Screw-on case backs

Stop paying the jeweler – recharge all your watches for years to come. The Watch Works Tool Kit will . . . literally . . . pay for itself with just a few uses.

Comes complete with watch band pin removal pliers so you can lay out any watch flat for easy accessibility to the case back. Plus, we include a watch maker’s magnifying glass to remove the dead battery and insert a new one.

The complete Watch Works Tool Kit is only $89.95 plus shipping and handling. Makes a great gift for the tinkerer that absolutely can’t do without a really neat kit like this!

Send for yours today,

click here for the standard watch battery changing tool kit


click here for the deluxe watch battery changing tool kit including sizing pliers

*It takes about 5 minutes to replace a watch battery. That’s $120 per hour at $10 per replacement. $120 / hour for a 6 hour day = $ 720’ / day X 300 days worked per year = $216,000 yearly salary to change watch batteries. At $25 per battery replacement, which jewelers can charge, the yearly salary = $ 540,000.
Note: new battery not included in the Watch Works Tool Kit given the wide variety of batteries employed today.

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