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Designed in America and handcrafted in Switzerland, each Accutron combines exceptional styling with the most advanced timekeeping technology. In the world of luxury watches, Accutron stands alone.

For hundreds of years, precision timekeeping was strictly mechanical. Then Bulova transformed the course of time forever with the world's first fully electronic watch . . . Accutron. Introduced in 1960, it kept time to within two seconds a day. Regulated by a tiny humming tuning fork, it was chosen by NASA to be incorporated into their space time computers. One still sits in the Sea of Tranquility on the moon, where it was taken by the Apollo astronauts on their pioneering missions.

Today, Accutron is the premier brand of the Bulova Corporation. Each quartz watch represents a precision timepiece, combining the latest technology with exquisite design and the finest in Swiss craftsmanship. As well as the two year Bulova warranty, the Accutron also carries a five year warranty on the movement, in favor of the original purchaser.

First Accutron Watch Movement
The Accutron Spaceview D from 1960
First Accutron Watch Tuning Fork
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