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Are you like my brother-in-law Fred? When he's not looking, I sometimes catch Fred checking his watch even when he already knows what time it is. My wife and I gave Charlie a Bulova diamond gold watch for his birthday because he really likes jewelry, just not too much of it at one time.

Why do you suppose Fred sneaks these peeks at his Bulova watch?

Is it pride? Perhaps. His Bulova gold watch is tasteful and understated. Or is it just that he likes the feel of it on his wrist? Could be. The substance of a Bulova diamond gold watch is something, we find, men generally like and appreciate.

Could it be simply that Fred just thinks his Bulova watch is neat?. Possibly. Fred seems to like the notion of having a 'machine on his wrist' that is also highly styled. The real diamonds provide him a certain 'specialness' from his Bulova diamond gold wristwatch that he just loves.

While Fred is not the kind of guy who reveals much about his inner pleasures, the smile on his face when he opened our gift said it all. Sweet!

What is your fascination with the Bulova diamond gold wristwatches? Why not indulge today!

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