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We admit it. We're suckers for those classic watches that our Fathers and Grandfathers wore. This could have been a watch they got upon retirement . . . you know, the old story about working all those years with just a watch to show for it . . . so on and so forth.

Actually, neither my father or my grandfather got their prized watch because of some so-called �retirement�. Neither man ever truly retired.

They bought their favorite watch because of its classic design which they proudly admired several times daily. This was especially true in the mornings and evenings.

Dad felt he was not yet properly dressed each morning until he strapped on his watch. At night he was not quite ready to retire for the evening until he unbuckled his watch, relegating it once again, to the dresser overnight.

My Grandfather is gone now, my dad still follows his routine, and I have yet to inherit his prized watch. In the meantime, I found a solution. I now own one of our Bulova classic strap watches.

Buy a classic Bulova mens strap watch and experience for yourself the satisfaction of generations of men who mark the beginning and ending of each day with their strap watch.

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