Sunray Pet Beds

The Sunray Pet Bed.
The concept of the Sunray Pet Bed is that your favorite pet no longer has to wait for a warm sunny summer’s day to be able to bask in the heat of the sun. Your pet can just lay down on the Sunray Pet Bed and instantly an infra-red daylight glow sun lamp will switch on basking your pet in glorious warm sunshine. When your pet leaves the Sunray Pet Bed, the lamp will instantly switch off again. Your pet can choose to have just as much sunshine each day as it wants. (Satisfied Customers)
This is our chief test engineer Sapphire, hard at work, a slightly overweight pedigree seal point Siamese, the weight gain might be due to her chosen career. She is seen here testing one of the new designs of our Sunray Pet Beds.

 Sun Ray Cat Bed Tester   

The idea came to us over 25 years ago when our cats in our London apartment would run from one front window to the other trying to catch the sun as it moved across the front of our South facing brownstone in Central London. Our ‘flat’ was a basement apartment so the sun had to be quite high in the sky for it to make it down into our front windows beneath street level behind the railings. As we all know, sunshine is something of a luxury in England but to make matters worse for our cats, during the winter months the sun never rose high enough in the sky to make it over the six story building opposite.

This is our trainee Sunray Pet Beds tester, Zipporah, a chocolate point Siamese, but she is still quite young so we don't let her work more than 12 hours a day. 


The solution was to make a pet bed for them to lie in with an infra-red heating bulb fitted in a swing arm desk lamp positioned over the bed. They would easily be attracted to the light and heat of the lamp as it would simulate lying in the sunshine. Now our problems were solved, no longer did we feel bad about making our cats live in a basement apartment, never able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, not only having to wait for a sunny day but also for a late Spring to early Fall day..... they had sunshine everyday….as long as we had remembered to switch on the heat lamp?

But then who would remember to turn it off again, who would be home from our busy jobs in the city to make sure it wasn’t wasting electricity all day with no cats under it? We needed to make it ‘automatic’. So we invented a pressure sensor, working on a low safe voltage, no more than would be needed to power a simple flash light, which would turn on the 100 watt heating lamp through an electric switch, operated by this low safe voltage.  Now the cats could enjoy pure unadulterated sunshine anytime they chose, all they had to do was go to their cat basket and sit down. Of course it caused a little bit of an altercation with my wife the first time we were sound asleep and suddenly awoken to find the whole apartment bathed in bright yellow sunlight at 4 am in the morning! But we found solutions, we just weren’t expecting it to be so successful. As a byproduct of the device we also found that we stopped getting broken into while we were out, the sudden and random nature of the cats operating the sun ray lamp must have deterred would be burglars. So it’s a security device as well perhaps!

Now after all these years and with a great deal of pressure from friends, family and neighbors, we have developed the SunrayPetBeds so that your pets can finally enjoy what my four generations of cats have been enjoying for over 25 years. I can’t tell you the number of people who have visited us over the years both in London and America and asked us where we bought these pet beds. Now, after many months of research and development to find the best and most reliable way to manufacture these beds, you can just click here below to buy your very own. Doesn’t your pet deserve to be pampered like our pets?

The pressure switch, controller and lamp can also be purchased as a separate unit and added to your cat's existing bed. The lamp comes complete with a clamp and so can be attached to a table top or a book case shelf or other firm surface. Make sure the cat bed is sufficiently large to avoid overcrowding though as they can become very popular.


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